10 tips to help you conquer any golf course with ease

Not every other player out there who knows how to swing a golf club can ever make it to become a professional, or play like one of those PGA winners. However, it never hurts to give things a try, right? There are different golf courses that you will come across in your lifetime, and if you ever want to conquer all of them, or at least come so close to enjoying a good game in any golf course, there are a number of things that you must take into consideration at all times.

Learn your weaknesses

If you ever want to conquer anything in this world, you will always need to conquer your weaknesses first, because your weaknesses are the only things that can ever come in between you and achieving the greatness that you deserve.

Take time to note down statistics of how you play, and after a game review these statistics. From these notes you will be able to tell where you need to improve and what you need to perfect.

Come up with a routine for your pre-shots

One of the main reasons why a lot of people struggle to make the perfect shot is because they cannot align their bodies properly when they are taking the shot. Apart from that, it is also worth noting that failure to align your body properly when taking a shot can and will easily make you hurt yourself when you are playing.

Gain control over the club face

As you take a hit on the ball, make sure that you do not lose control over the club face. This is perhaps what really sets apart the professional players from the rest of the world. A good swing does not just end with you smashing the ball, it follows through on the action of the club face.

Learn to rotate your torso

Unknown to most beginner players out there the torso is actually the main driving force behind the perfect golf swing. Do not try to force your arms and wrists into powering a good shot, because a good one should naturally come from the torso.

Get half speed on the full swing

When you are taking a swing, you should learn to make the full swing without exerting full speed on it. If you can do this at half the speed, you have a better shot at perfecting the swing.

Emphasis on power

You need to focus on the power that you throw behind a good shot. Not all shots should be driven with excessive force. At times a little touch of gentleness is all you need to perfect a shot.


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Keep In Mind 4 Things

Take time to learn

This is where practice comes in handy. Keep practicing how to put, take time off and just get some putting skills experience, and you will certainly appreciate the outcome.

Have a putting routine

The thing about having a routine is that it does not matter what your routine is, but as long as you stick to it, you will be consistent and this will help you improve your game

Learn to chip

You would be surprised how many people out there struggle with chipping. It might sound like the simplest shots to master in golf, but rest assured that it isn’t.

Keep practicing

Finally, a good player never stops practicing. This is the only way to improve your skills and become a better player with every single practice session.

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