Pestana Gramacho Golf Course Review: 5 Things To Know

Playing golf on a course just because it’s near the hotel will never do. If you’re traveling to the Algarve for a golf vacation then play your favorite sport at the most popular course in the region – the Pestana Gramacho Golf Course. Any golfer who has done some research on the best courses in the world would have surely heard about the Pestana Gramacho. Though you’ve already made up your mind to visit this fantastic course, there are a few interesting things you need to know.

Well Designed Course

We start with the design of the course. Every guest who has visited this course would surely acknowledge the fact that this is a unique course with exceptional design and well maintained grass. To create such a wonderful course Ronald Fream, who designed the Vale de Pinta course, teamed up with Nick Price, former World No. 1. The result; a golf course with 18-holes and 27 tee points. To make the course a treat for the eyes the designers have used the surrounding vegetation, dry stone walling, natural stone outcrops, and plenty of other features.

Has Hosted Many Golf Tournaments

Often courses are judged by the guests they entertain and the tournaments they host. In this regard the Pestana Gramacho Golf Course is not inferior to any championship course. The Pestana Gramacho has hosted the prestigious Portuguese Ladies Open more than a few times. It’s also a well known golf destination for golfers with low handicap.

The Right Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Pestana Gramacho Course is in the month of March and October – Premium Season. The golf rate during the premium season is around 115 Euros. Golfers wanting to enjoy the course, but want to pay less (around 70 Euros) can visit the course in the month of December, January, February, June, July, August, and September, which is the Low Season. The High Season starts mid November and lasts till the end of February; again the months of April, May, and September are a fairly good time to play golf at this course. Guests would have to shell out around 105 Euros as fees.

A Challenging Golf Course

The course is 5532 meters in length from the white tee, 5212 meters from the yellow tees, and 4777 meters from the red tees. With a total of 27 tee points, golfers can enjoy the course in more ways than one. The Pestana Gramacho is a par-72 course with many interesting holes and challenges such as sand traps and water hazards.

Facilities at the Course

The course has a clubhouse which is situated at the heart of the resort and it offers plenty of facilities such as buggy and golf club rentals, practice facilities, bar, and restaurant facilities for the guests to enjoy.

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