7 Basic Driving Tips From A Professional Golf Teacher


You must adopt a wider stance if you wish to hit the perfect golf drive. You must lean forward in relation with the ball position. You must hold the club grip in a relaxed posture.

Ball Position

Move the golf ball closer to the target line. The ideal position for a perfect golf drive is to place the golf ball 1 or 2 inches ahead or behind the stance. Ideally, a golfer must lean forward and bend his knees so that the ball travels a longer distance.


A relaxed club grip will helps in the easy rotation of arms and contribute to a better backswing. The left foot should be aligned with the ball position to create more upswings. It helps the ball travel a higher trajectory during the swing.


A powerful downswing will help the golfer hit the perfect golf drive. For hitting the perfect downswing, you must hit a great backswing first. Slice the golf ball when you are taking the downswing; rotate your arms followed by hip rotation. The clubface must point directly towards the ball at impact. Slide your hips parallel to the target and rotate them to get a good downswing.

At impact, take your hand ahead of the right hip in order to add more power to the drive shot. Your right palm should be aligned at a square position with the aim keeping the left leg erect.

Shoulder rotation

When you take the backswing, your shoulders must be placed parallel to your hips and the target line. Rotate your shoulders away from the golf ball in a way that when you complete the backswing the hands reach up to your waist height. Approximately, the shoulders should rotate up to an angle of 75 degrees to get a perfect backswing.

When you are taking the downswing, you must rotate your hips first followed by the parallel movement of your shoulders. Once the shoulders are brought back to the normal position, you must hit the ball at impact.

Address Setup

The perfect setup at address will help you hit the perfect golf drive. You must maintain an erect body; your feet must be aligned with the distance between your shoulders. Bend your knees slightly and push your hips to the back. to hit the perfect golf drive, a player must bend from his hips rather than his waist. Remember that the lower back must be erect.

Follow through

After you hit the golf ball at impact, you must watch the ball until it lands on the golf green. It is important to analyze your shot in order to improve the golf drive.

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