8 Useful Tips To Cure Your Long Game Faults

The iron play is brilliantly explained in just a few tips

Golf as a game can be classified into two parts: the short game and the long game. The long game requires distance and power so that the ball can reach the putting green in minimum number of strokes. The short game requires more finesse related skills for accuracy. None of these parts can be called more or less important. You need to be a master of both.

Fundamental tips to cure the long game

  • ¬†You must have seen the professionals playing the long game so effortlessly. It is not because of any equipment, they deliberately practice every day. You may not dedicate that much of time, but at least you can try to be close to that level.

  • Position the ball ahead in the stance. The clubhead should be at the back of the ball so that you can have good contact when you hit the ball.

  • Turn around the spine. Imagine your spine like a metal rod; the shoulders and the trunk should revolve around the metal rod.

  • Now, this is the correct method to curl and uncurl your swing in order to create momentum in your golf club so that you can strike great shots.

  • The amateurs often lean on their ball and tilt their shoulders. Then, they attempt to take the clubhead at the back of the ball by bending back in downswing.

  • Utilize the levers to have maximum impact. It is not the most important facet that where you close your backswing, but you have to utilize your levers.

  • The longer levers create more speed and cover longer distance. You do not have to bend your wrists and arms, your arms can stay relaxed but long.

  • The Drill- You just need a business card to achieve a great strike using your irons. You can place a business card at a distance of a few inches in front of your golf ball. The key here is to make certain that you hit the card as well as the ball on impact. It means that you have to hit down on your ball. In turn, you will get a better impact of ball every time you do this drill. When you go to the driving range next time, you must try this drill and you will see significant development in your long game, particularly iron play.

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