What Should I Do To Make A Perfect High Iron Shot With Ease?

One of the most useful golf strokes that can contribute to achieving low scores is the high iron shot. By hitting the ball higher you not only get it further, but also gain better control and make it stop quicker after landing. If it’s such a useful shot why aren’t many golfers using it on the golf course? Nothing is easy in golf; you’ve to understand the fundamentals and work hard to master any shot. So, to hit perfect high iron shots follow the tips given below and work on them on and off the course.

  1. The first and foremost point to remember is the ball position. You want the ball to fly high, this requires the ball to be placed forward of center in your stance.
  2. The second step is to adjust the loft of the club. Increase the loft of the club and also turn the club face to point to the right of the target. This will cause the ball to move left to right after impact. Although, some suggest increasing the loft and not turning the club face to point to the right of the target, doing so will give you more control over the trajectory and direction of the ball.
  3. When you want the ball to take the normal trajectory the weight transfer won’t matter much. But, in case of a high iron shot your aim is to hit the ball high. This requires shifting of body weight slightly to put 65% of weight on the back leg. Making this move will lower your shoulder slightly.
  4. You should aim to hit down on the ball. This move, coupled with an open club face will drive the ball to fly high with minimal backspin.
  5. During the backswing (i.e.) from the point of takeaway till the club reaches the top of the backswing, continuously hinge the wrists. By constantly hinging the wrist throughout the backswing you can accomplish a narrower swing.
  6. Don’t stop the follow-through midway. Take it all the way; when you complete the swing your hands should be at the highest point of the follow-through.


  • It is very difficult to play high iron shots in windy conditions. When the ball flies high it becomes more susceptible to strong winds.
  • In this shot you’re not creating much spin. Hence it isn’t advisable to attempt this stroke to approach the pin from back.
  • Avoid playing the high iron shots from a downhill lie. It’s very risky to play a high loft shot from a downhill lie.

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