A Brief Introduction To The Essential Golf Rules

The game of golf is all about rules. No matter, if you are playing this sophisticated sport for the very first time or you are have some experience in it, you must know atleast the basic rules of golf. As all other sports, golf also has lots of rules and regulations, but there are some rules that are very much essential, in order to play this game correctly and to score more. Some rules are required when you develop a bit of experience in this sport and some rules are basic. Among these rules, this article covers the basic rules of golf.

Apart from the rules, there are also some things that you need to learn before starting a game of golf.

  • A golf round comprises of playing 18 holes.
  • You can play golf in two forms - the match play and the stroke play. The match play is decided by the holes you win and lose and the stroke play is decided by the entire strokes that you take to complete the round.

Coming to the essential rules of golf, you may think that the essential golf rules are hard to learn, but after going through the following set of basic rules, you will certainly discover that they are not as difficult as you thought them to be.

  1. The game of golf must be played in the right spirit and with proper etiquettes. In particular, you should:
    • Play at a good pace.
    • Show consideration towards other players.
    • Take care of the golf course by replacing divots, repairing ball marks, and smoothing bunkers on the greens.
    • Be ready to welcome faster moving groups in order to play through.
  2. Before starting your golf round, you must:
    • Read the local rules and regulations on the notice board and score card of the golf course.
    • Count your clubs, as you can only carry up to 14 clubs.
    • Place an identification mark on your golf ball, since most of the golfers play with the same brand of golf ball and if you cannot recognize your ball, then it is considered to be lost.
  3. During the golfing round, you should not:
    • Play any practice shots during a hole play.
    • Ask for any advice from anyone, save for your partner (one of the players on your side), your caddie, or the caddie of your partner.
    • Give advice to any player, save for your partner; but you can provide or ask for information on the distances and rules and the position of the flagstick, hazards, etc.
  4. At the end of your golfing round:
    • In stroke play, make sure that your score card is filled properly as well as signed by you and your scorer, and returned to the committee immediately.
    • In match play, make sure that the match result is posted.

With these essential golf rules, you will surely be able to play like a pro.

Are You a Future Golf Star?

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