A Professional Opinion On The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Not just the golf ball, but the whole sport has taken wings and flying high. As the sport is becoming popular among masses, more and more youngsters of both genders are taking to the game. To cater to the growing demand for clubs, the makers have been flooding the market with a wide range of varieties, different makes, designs, styles, etc. As beginners are not familiar with the art of choosing clubs (yes, it’s an art), we share with them the professional opinion on the best clubs to buy.

  1. The one thing common to all beginners is their lack of skill. To compensate for their lack of ability (because of being new to the game, of course) it’s important to choose clubs that offer greater forgiveness and aids the player to strike the ball accurately.
  2. Before you start searching for the best golf clubs take a few minutes break and think about the level of dedication you’ve for the game. If golf is your weekend stress reduction sport, a sport you want to learn for fun, then you don’t need expensive, high-end, beginner golf sets. Actually, you can opt for used golf sets for beginners.
  3. The best golf clubs might not be the ideal choice for the novice. Expensive pro-golfer kits are available, but they won’t be the right match for budding golfers. It’s extremely important to look for club sets that are made exclusively for budding golfers.
  4. The biggest dilemma of a beginner is whether to buy steel or graphite clubs. The advantage of graphite made clubs is that it’s lighter and players can swing it with considerable speed. The steel club isn’t without any benefits. They are heavier, but the extra weight gives golfers more control over the club. If you’re a beginner, choose the club type, you think, will help you with the swing.
  5. Golf professionals recommend the use of beginner sets as opposed to buying individual pieces. With a set, you can expect uniformity in style, make, and feel, whereas it’ll take you some time to get used to individual clubs. Furthermore, beginner club sets are cheaper than the individual clubs.
  6. When buying golf club sets don’t forget to custom fit them to your needs. Each player prefers differing grip, strength, height, etc. By fitting the club to the specific needs of the golfer, he/she can perform to their maximum ability.
  7. Finally, do not shop in a hurry, take your time, check out a few pro shops, visit golf equipment websites, and find out all you can about golf clubs for beginners before purchasing the product.

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