A Detailed Manual On How To Cure Common Wedge Faults

Wedge play is something that you do not need to be struggling with during this age and time. There are so many possible options for you that you can use to help you overcome the challenge of wedge play, so you must make sure that you think about the same. There are lots of players who started out from the beginning, going through some of the challenges that you are going through at the moment, and they eventually had things worked out because they were keen on the important details that helped them improve their game.

Wedge faults are a common occurrence especially for beginner players. It is important for you to make sure that by the time you start playing, you are in a good position to notice when you are making a mistake, and do something about it. One of the biggest challenges that most players have is that they never really know when they are making a mistake, hence they cannot make amends.

For your wedge faults, the following are some of the key ideas that you should look into, which will help you overcome the challenges and become a better player:

  • Improper swing after impact
  • Poor setup
  • Keeping a closed clubface
  • Poor control of the yards

Improper swing after impact

Most players tend to swing from low to high just after their impact. This is terrible. You are supposed to hit down and through the ball. When you do this, the aim is to make sure that you have your hands below your waist after impact.

Poor setup

How you set up is important for this style of play. This is a really big problem especially for recreational players, and they keep it up all through the rest of their careers playing golf. Do not stand too far away from the ball as is the case with most players.

Keeping a closed clubface

For some reason players tend to keep their clubface open. This is the perfect recipe for disaster. This is because you create an additional loft which only serves to make it difficult for your shot to be precise. To make things easy for you, keep your focus on the leading edge, and not your toes.

Poor control of the yards

You must put in a lot of work during your practice sessions to strike the appropriate yards. Do not aim for 80 yards and come up 20 yards short or long.

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