Golf Iron Tips: Recommendations To Help You Score Low

You have to admit that hitting a perfect shot with your golf irons is huge fun. Nothing can beat the pleasure that you get when you break the fairway using every ounce of your swing speed and watch your ball fly for what appears to be miles bagging the successful shot for you. However, it is no use hitting a 300-yard drive if the second shot cannot be taken properly.

Playing with your irons can make all the difference between a good game and a bad game. These clubs are used to hit long shots and take the ball out of a rough patch, or take approach shot around and near the green. Let us see how you can make the most of your irons.

Deliberate practice

Take at least two dozen golf balls with you to the practice range and note down the yardage in a register or notebook. By observing your performance, you can experiment with your grip, modify the clubface, and notice how the golf ball acts in response to your swing.

The Divot

Your iron shot can be said to be great if you leave a divot after you hit the ball, not before. You can notice it if you see the divot in front of the golf ball on the side of target. If the divot is lying at the back of the ball, it means you have not hit the ball properly.

Full Extension

You need to finish the backswing with face of the club coming over your head across the downswing. The club should arrive over the shoulder. In order to understand this, you can hit a few shots with a backswing reaching just up to your waist. You will not be able to hit the shot properly with this half-swing. That is why, it is necessary to take a complete backswing.

Shape Irons

To shape the iron, you can open and then, close the face of your club by altering it to an angle left and open to right. The tempo of your swing should be smooth and relaxed so that you can take the ball to the target.


When you grip your iron, the V-shape formed by your arms should point to your shoulders. You need to hold it securely, but not very tightly. The clubface will come in line to the ball.

Posture and body space

The posture of the body should be straight and the shoulders should be tilted a little. There should be a gap of your hand’s width between the body and arms while you take the shot.

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