How To Have A Proper Grip For A Flop Shot In Golf

Performing the flop shot is one of the core elements of the game that you can never take for granted. It is indeed one of those shots where you need to be really keen on how you play, so that the last thing you will ever have to worry about is performance. In most cases, players tend to fear some of these shots, because they do not think they can handle it. Perhaps we need to let you in on a secret, it is possible for you to play any shot that you want with ease, without necessarily having to worry about a thing.

All the players that you see performing flop shots like they were born doing it were not really born doing it. They all started from the same place where you are, and since then they have been working their way up.

You do not need to be struggling with the flop shot during this age and time. In fact you do not need to be struggling with some of the basics at all. Having a proper grip on this shot is rather basic. If you have not yet mastered the skill, the following are some useful ideas that should help you fix your game:

  • Choosing the appropriate grip

  • Applying pressure

  • Hand alignment

Choosing the appropriate grip

One of the first things that you will need to learn is how to and the need for you to choose an appropriate grip for your game. It is important to do this, so that by the time you have to play, you will know the appropriate grip that is perfect for whichever kind of game you are about to play.

Basically there are three types of grips that you have to learn, the interlocking, the 10 finger grip or the overlap, which is by far the easiest and most common.

Applying pressure

When it comes to applying pressure on the grip, try not to squeeze down on the club at all. A lot of players might look as though they are doing this, but in real sense they are not. You should not exert undue pressure on the club at all.

Hand alignment

The alignment of your hands is important, because it allows you to get accuracy on your shots. Make sure your left hand covers the end of the club as you are holding the grip.

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