Four Things To Do When You Decided To Buy A Rescue Club

Golf manufacturers spend a great deal of time in research and development looking to provide golfers with equipment to help them with their game. Everyone needs to practice in order to improve but equipment surely helps them? The hybrid clubs that are still a relatively recent addition if taken in the history of the game were an attempt to combine the forgiveness of ‘woods’ with the power of irons. Long irons are notoriously difficult for ordinary golfers to hit consistently and this is where the hybrid, commonly known as the ‘rescue club’ has been such a success.

There is plenty of choice with many golfers discarding 3 and 4 irons in favour of a rescue club. There are many on the market and golfers should look at the variables before deciding what to select:

  • Loft of the club
  • Type of shaft

This type of club can get through rough far easier than iron or wood and is certainly more forgiving off a tight lie. In the case of rough, the relatively small head will get through the rough far more easily than either wood or iron.


Rescue clubs tend come in a range between 18 and 27 degrees. They will not allow you to hit the ball as far as you would with a similar degree in wood or iron but as long as you are aware of that you can compensate.


Graphite shafts ensure the clubs are relatively light. Shafts will be shorter than those on fairway woods when looking at similar loft. This should increase your chances of controlling the ball better.


The most recent additions to the range of rescue clubs allow for adjustments to the angle of the club face as well. You can actually have interchangeable weights as well if you wish.


Average golfers need help if they are to improve their game. When it comes to a rescue club it is one that will help you get out of difficult situations. It does not need to work like a magic wand but it must be something that you are comfortable with when you take it out of your bag. It should have a regular shaft and perhaps a loft towards the high end of the range that is available. The main aim is to make good progress down the hole from a difficult lie.

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