Choosing The Most Suitable Hotel For Golf Holidays: Things To Consider

A Place To Call Home

Now as a golfer on holiday, you might not plan on spending much time at your hotel. Your goal might be to only sleep and eat breakfast there. You might be happy with just a warm bed and a shower that has hot water, as long as the golf is great.

Despite your simple needs, a bad hotel experience can ruin your entire golfing holiday, so it pays to get it right.

Here are some things you should consider when researching and choosing a hotel for your upcoming golf holiday:

  • Distance from the Course
  • How far away is the hotel from the golf course? It's not fun finding out that you need to take a two-hour bus ride to the course where you booked your rounds. You'll end up spending half your day on the bus, you won't get back till late, and you will have to wake up early to play morning rounds.

    Does the hotel offer you transport to and from the golf course? Otherwise you will have to deal with local taxis and you might get charged more.

  • Practice friendly
  • Does the hotel have ceilings high enough for you to be able to make full swings? Do they mind you putting into a cup in your room.

  • Golf knowledge
  • You want a hotel that has staff knowledgeable about golf. They don't have to be able to give you putting tips, but they should know that you need to have transport that allows you to transfer your clubs.

  • Local Contacts and Deals
  • Does the hotel have a relationship with the local golf courses? Putting together a golf package held together by strangers can be expensive. If the hotel knows the golf club, maybe they can get a deal on green fees or a lesson from the professional.

  • Airports
  • The distance from the hotel to the airport is an important factor. You don't want to have to travel 6 hours to get on a 6am flight. Also, does the airport offer a shuttle bus to and from the airport?

    Remember that most hotel residents only care about food and service. If the room is nice and the food tasty, you can be confident you've found the right place. Just remember to find a hotel that has plenty going on for people who are not golfers - for wives, children and other family members.

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