Instruction Golf Tips For Women: The Essentials

Golf is one of the very few sports that can be played by anyone irrespective of age or gender. We’ve seen young girls in their pre-teens stunning onlookers with their strokes. Similarly, we’ve seen women golfers matching the greats of men’s golf stroke to stroke. What we mean to say is that anyone can play golf. If you’re just warming up to the game and want a few tips then you’re at the right place.

Gearing Up

Beginners give a lot of importance to golf gear. That’s good because when you’re just starting quality golf equipment can help you gain confidence and give a boost to your game. The only hitch is that quality equipment comes with a heavy price tag. Another crucial point is that women golfers can’t use any golf kit, they certainly can’t use the kits designed for men. Special golf clubs made exclusively for women are available in the golf shops. Those worried about the cost can very well buy second-hand beginner golf kits for women. A piece of advice to beginners; avoid buying from the internet. Visit the local golf shop, so that you can get the right club that’ll suit your game.

Proper Stance

Proper golf stance will lead to a good follow-through that’s essential for an effective swing. The most important element of a stance is the gap between the feet. The width between the feet changes with the shot you play.

There are some elements of stance that are common to all the golf strokes. One of them is the transfer of body weight. Generally, it’s agreed by all experts that players must focus their weight on the right side. Furthermore, slightly tilt the shoulders to the right and align your head to the right.

Hit the Ball, Don’t Scoop It

Most women golfers, especially the beginners make this mistake. They try to scoop the ball, instead of hitting with the club head. Scooping reduces the speed of the swing at impact. The swing is all about tempo and control. You can’t generate the necessary power at the point of impact. The need is to gradually build up speed and the pace of the club head must be highest at the point of impact.

Invest Time and Effort

You will earn nothing if you don’t invest anything. To improve, invest effort, time, and commit yourself to the game. Join the local club and play at least once a week. As a beginner, you’ll naturally be very enthusiastic initially, but it’s important to retain the passion for learning and the game, to grow as a golfer.

Are You a Future Golf Star?

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