Easy And Helpful Left Handed Golf Tips For Beginners

Many left-handed golfers will tell you that they always receive advice to take any tips they find for right-handed players and reverse them. Sadly, this does not always seem to work. In this article, we hope to give left-handers some solid tips that are just for them. Let’s take a look.

Start with your tee

No, not the cup of tea after a round, but the tee you use when driving at the start of each hole. Left-handers should always use the longest one available and make sure they tee their ball up as high as possible. This can stop you from hooking the ball while increasing your distance through a far better flight trajectory. Let’s face it, extra distance while driving is always welcome.

Play the ball further forward

To get further distance off the tee, consider trying to address the ball around two ball lengths further forward than you would in your regular stance. This may seem a little strange at first, but as you get used to it, you will hit the ball further. Again this is due to the fact that you achieve a far better trajectory, adding yardage to each drive.

Your swing

Always lead your swing with your weaker hand (your right) and finish with your stronger hand (your left). Although this seems simple enough, but many golfers forget to concentrate on these little facts when swinging their clubs.

Watch your swing speed

Swinging too fast can cause you to hit offline as your swing goes awry. A smooth, measured, slower swing will help you hit the sweet spot on the club and the ball time and time again. A faster swing causes your wrists and arms to tighten and can lead to hooks or slices. So if you are either hooking or slicing the ball, slow down your swing speed to see if it makes any effect.

Buy left-handed clubs

It’s amazing how many weekend left-handed golfers don’t actually use left-handed clubs. This is probably down to the fact that they use “hand-me-down” clubs, given to them by friends or family. Although right-handed clubs can work, the proper clubs are so much better suited to their left-handedness that once the change is made, their game improves significantly.

YouTube it!

YouTube, and the internet in general, is a great source for tips for left-handed golfers. Do a little bit of online research for ways to improve your game.

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