Preparing For The First Game In Your Life: Hints From A Golfer

Your first game of golf on a course can be intimidating. Anxiety and pressure might be the emotions dominating your thought, but there are some important things you need to know before you step onto the course. Let’s find out what those hints and tips are.

  • Although booking tee time to play is not mandatory in all golf courses, most observe the practice. Hence, don’t take chances, call the golf course, inform them you’re a newbie and explain your position. Also, ask their rates and the best time to play on the course. Nowadays, online booking of tee time has become popular. Read the terms and contact the course for further information before you book your time on the course.

  • Make a sincere effort to be present at the course an hour before the allotted time. You can use the extra time to learn the course rules, visit the pro shop and acquire knowledge about the course and golf from coaches. Being a novice of the game you shouldn’t lose any opportunity to learn techniques and strategies of golf.

  • They don’t refer golf as a gentleman’s game for no reason. You can’t play on a course by wearing just any attire. There are some golf etiquettes to be followed. To be on a safer side, a call to the course inquiring about the proper attire would help you avoid embarrassment. The typical attire for men comprises of shorts (Bermuda size) and shirt with collar. For women golfers a skirt or Bermuda shorts and shirt with collar make up the proper attire. Players can either go for golf shoes or use the standard athletic footwear with spikes (non-metal ones).

  • Using your own golf club kit or renting from the course; either way carrying 14 clubs for your first game isn’t necessary. With more clubs it becomes difficult for you to pick the most suitable club for the shot you’re going to play. Golf club selection is a skill you’ll learn with experience. Initially you don’t need all the clubs. Make do with a limited set and as you learn the secrets of golf you’ll get better at club and shot selection.

  • If you’re playing with a group, observe other golfers to learn the way they approach the game. If you can analyze their game carefully, you’ll learn technical nuances and game strategy from them. On the other hand, if all your fellow golfers are novices like you, then the pressure on you is less. You can relax, employ all the lessons you’ve learnt so far and thoroughly enjoy the game.

Are You a Future Golf Star?

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