A Collection Of Tried And Tested Women Golf Tips And Instruction

Golf just isn’t a sport for men, but women find the sport just as challenging and competitive. It seems as if more women playing professional golf are dominating on green with unique skill and insight inspiring other women to play. Even though there are great female players, new players can get intimidated or frustrated even with the basics. Fortunately, there are ways to help women get comfortable on the course while working to improve their strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few tips women golfers will find helpful on the golf course.

  • Establish good grip. For female players proper grip helps create a solid foundation for your play skills. Some plays will require the right grip pressure to create a good swing. Personal strength and size of the club may affect how you recover from an error. Practice using grips including the overlap, interlock, and the ten finger grip, which is good for those with a weak grip.

  • Establish good posture. For some women this can be a challenge depending on how your back is curved. Work on having a posture you can maintain throughout your golf swing. This is something to practice and perfect overtime. Some experts feel it is okay not to have a straight back when swinging, but you can learn additional tips about posture that can make a difference for you.

  • Have proper support for chest area. Some women may complain about their breasts being in the way or affecting their ability to swing. This is common but there are some tips to consider making the experience more comfortable. Try to avoid wearing tight clothing. Have shoulders rounded slightly as you swing to give your arms more room to move from your chest.

  • Use your arms when putting. A tip for executing proper putting is to keep your body in place without moving except for your arms. When swinging toward the ball keep clubface square. The greens help determine how fast the ball will move after contact is made.

  • Women are likely to establish better contact with the ball when hitting it from the tee based on lower body strength. This means women should consider ways to keep their lower bodies conditioned such as through weight training, running and bike riding. Your legs and hips help complete the swing action as you follow through.

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