Crucial Factors To Consider If You're Looking To Buy Wedge Clubs

There are many different things to consider when buying a wedge club and though the loft is an important factor to look into, you should also look at certain other features. Wedge clubs can have a major impact on the game and can send your ball either flying high in the distance towards your target or spinning away from the target into another direction entirely. That is why it is crucial that you pick the right kind of wedge and make sure you keep the following factors in mind when buying wedge clubs.


Most golfers only look at this aspect when buying a wedge but what is more important than the loft are the gaps. These are the distances between the lofts like 4 degrees and 6 degrees and you must always use atleast 4degress wedge clubs so that you hit a whole range of shots from anywhere on the fairways. Also make sure you get the gap checked at the golf store before buying it as many stores can write the wrong number.


When buying a wedge club, you should also look at the bounce. The bounce helps determine how much and fast the club will move the ball when it comes in contact with it. There are many different degrees of bounce that are available depending on the wedge and you can use a combination of these to get the club to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember the sand wedge has a bounce of 54-56 degrees, the lob wedge has a bounce of 58-60 degrees, the gap wedge has a bounce of 50-52 degrees, and the pitching wedge has a bounce of 46-48 degrees.


There are different kinds of grips on a wedge club like jumbo, midsize and standard size and you should always pick one according to the size of your hand. Test all the grips to see which one suits you best and the one you will be able to control the most before buying it.


Wedge clubs have different finishes like satin, polished chrome, black, and raw finish. All these will wither over time, so you should pick a wedge that helps you maintain your concentration and does not cause any distractions. The best kind of wedge club finish is the raw finish as it will rust over time and help the ball spin more toward the target.

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